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I am a third culture kid, a polyglot born to parents of two different cultures and divergent personalities. I’ve travelled around and moved quite a bit. One foot is almost always out the door.

I communicate in words, photos, and illustrations to catch the ideas the reside in my psyche, and turn them into work that could stay long after I’ve left. It’s an exercise in vulnerability.

Professionally, I’m in marketing, communications, an change management. These are fields that come naturally to third culture kids who can connect with people quickly, work comfortably with shifting trends, and adapt seamlessly to new environments. A blessing, and a curse sometimes.

My working space is a collection of crumpled papers, post-it notes, books, brushes, and tea. Most of what I write in here is taken from journals I keep, with entries written at work, on the bus, or in a park.

This corner of the web is about thoughts, observations, shapes, colours, memories, and cake.

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